All about my cat’s!By Alex.

All about my cat’s!By Alex.

My Cat’s are very cute.Their names are Daisy and Rio,Daisy is a girl and Rio is a boy.



What my cat’s look like

My cat’s look very cute.Daisy is ginger and Rio is black and white.They play outside everyday I  think they enjoy it though,also I think when everybody looks at them,I think they want to take them home and keep them but they can’t.They also have sharp claws like a tiger.


What my  cat’s like doing

My cat’s like playing outside,also eating they LOVE eating.They like  sleeping near the warm fire and they look forward to their bowl of milk in the morning.They like cuddling me and my mum every night.


What my cat’s like eating and drinking

My cat’s like eating ”go cat” from Morrisons the shop.They also like fish and insects from the floor.They like drinking milk especcialy,and  water from the water bowl that is all they eat really.



I hope you  have learnt a lot about my cats now,remember cat’s LOVE milk and fish mostly.I don’t just live with cat’s,I live with a dog called Buster as well.So Daisy and Rio are sure brave to live with a dog that is a rockweiler.


By Alex


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