Alex’s homework.By Alex

Alex’s homework.By Alex

Hi!This is my homework  about Egypt. I’m so sad that we have to finish this Topic,I want to carry it on forever.My god that I will be writing about will be Anubis.


What Anubis is the god of 

Anubis(a god) is the god of the dead,Anubis’ wife is a goddess and she was called Anput.He had a daughter which

was also a goddess she was called Kebechet. His name(Anubis) was a Greek name,he is the son of Nephthys and Set according to the Egyptian mythology. Anubis also attends the weighing scale in the after life during “Weighing of the Heart”.


What type of symbols Anubis carried

Anubis carried something shaped like an Ank. He carried the Ank in right arm,he also carried a staff,that’s straight but then curves a bit at the top.He held that in the left hand.He had something yellow and black sticking out behind his back, near the  Ank.


What Anubis looked like

Anubis had a jackel head on top of him,it was the shape of a dog.It was a shapeof a dog because the Egytians believed that dogs were wild and would usually win in a race.He also had like a yellow skirt around near his hips.Around his legs he had like card with patterns around them.On top of his animal head,there are like some pointy ears that are propley belonged to the dog mask.


By Alex 


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